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The utilization of alternative energy resources has become a focal point in the military, with a particular emphasis on harnessing the latest advancements in lithium and hydrogen battery power. This strategic shift aligns with the military's commitment to enhancing operational efficiency, reducing dependence on traditional fuel sources, and mitigating environmental impacts.

Lithium batteries, renowned for their high energy density and long life cycles, have emerged as a cornerstone of military energy solutions. The latest advancements in lithium battery technology provide military forces with lightweight, high-capacity power sources for a diverse range of applications. These batteries power everything from portable electronic devices to advanced unmanned aerial vehicles, contributing to enhanced mobility, agility, and sustainability on the battlefield.

Hydrogen fuel cells represent another cutting-edge alternative energy solution gaining prominence in military applications. Hydrogen, when converted to electricity through fuel cells, offers a clean and efficient power source. Military vehicles and equipment, including ground vehicles and drones, are increasingly integrating hydrogen fuel cells to extend operational range and reduce the environmental footprint associated with traditional fossil fuels. The use of hydrogen fuel cells enhances the military's ability to conduct prolonged missions in remote or austere environments.

Moreover, these advancements in alternative energy resources contribute to the military's resilience and operational autonomy. Reduced reliance on conventional fuel supply chains enhances logistical efficiency and reduces vulnerabilities associated with fuel transportation in conflict zones.

Alternative Energy Experience

  • 150+ Years of Collective Domain Specific Experience
  • USSOCOM Minigun Alternate Source Power Initiatives
  • USSOCOM MH-47 Lithium Battery Development
  • USSOCOM Seal Delivery Vehicle Storage Solution
  • CCDC Common 6T Lithium Battery for Ground Combat Vehicles
  • CCDC Common Lithium Battery for Aviation
  • ARL High Energy, Safe 5V Lithium Battery Cell Development
  • USAF MQ-9 Lithium Battery Development
  • DLA Battery Network Program
  • NAVAIR Innovative Research – Li-Ion Storage

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