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Expeditionary Logistics Services

USI, providing logistic expertise mixed with in-depth knowledge and experience, excels in supply chain management, warehouse operations, depot repair, on-site maintenance, new equipment training, and field support services. This support consists of full spectrum integrated logistics for over 45 different major ISR systems, 52 close combat systems, as well as emerging prototype technologies for tactical edge logistics.

At the core of USI's expertise in expeditionary logistical services is a strategic focus on meeting the unique needs of our military special operations forces. These elite units demand specialized equipment, rapid deployment capabilities, and seamless coordination, all of which are addressed through tailored logistical solutions. The intricacies of supporting SOF activities necessitate a highly responsive and adaptable logistics infrastructure, ensuring that these forces can swiftly and effectively carry out their missions.

The Special Operations Forces Support Activity, in particular, benefits from a dedicated logistics system that enables the rapid deployment of personnel and equipment. This includes the timely procurement and delivery of specialized gear, ammunition, and supplies essential for the success of covert and unconventional operations. The seamless integration of logistics with SOF operations enhances their agility and effectiveness in dynamic and unpredictable environments.

Furthermore, the logistics services extend to the US Army Reserve Command, providing critical support to reservists engaged in various missions. This involves the efficient management of resources, transportation, and supply chains to ensure that Army Reserve units are adequately equipped and sustained during their deployments. The emphasis on expeditionary logistics underscores the ability to swiftly mobilize and sustain forces in a wide range of operational theaters.

The success of these logistics services relies on advanced planning, coordination, and technology. This is where USI's experience comes to play. Our capabilities for integrating cutting-edge logistics management systems allows for real-time tracking of resources, efficient supply chain management, and rapid response to emerging requirements. This ensures that both SOFSA and the US Army Reserve Command can operate with the highest level of readiness and effectiveness.

Expeditionary Logistics Experience

  • Expeditionary Logistics Support for SOFSA
  • Expeditionary Logistics Support for USARC
  • Provided Integrated Logistics & Training Support for PEO Ammunition
  • Provided Integrated Logistics & Training Support For The REF

Expeditionary Logistics Expertise

  • PBUSE Operators - Property Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Program Management
  • System Integration
  • Classroom Instruction
  • Field Service Tech Support
  • New Equipment Training
  • GOTS/COTS Equipment Management
  • Integrated Logistics Support
  • HAZMAT Operations

Logistics Solution Development Process

  • Logistical Requirements Definition
    USI assigns a lead consultant to work with the client to analyze and capture their needs and requirements for a logistics solution. The lead consultant is supported by our network of technical experts and experienced logistics operations team.
  • Logistics Technical Assessment
    USI finds and conducts technical assessment on logistics primary and/or sub systems to determine their suitability to meet the client’s requirement.
  • Logistics Design and COTS Optimization
    USI will develop designs to optimize the commercial off the shelf (COTS) platform and subsystems to meet the client’s need.
  • Logistics Implementation and Training
    USI designs and implements the client’s concept of operation, conducts the training of operations personnel to establish the logistics systems capability. Alternatively, USI can deliver and operate the logistics solution as a service.
  • Logistics Sustainment and Modernization
    USI designs and delivers the sustainment package to keep the client’s logistics system operational. As the requirement changes, USI assists in the modernization of the logistics system to ensure it remains relevant and offers value for money.

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USI Services: Unmanned Aircraft Systems | Alternative Energy | Expeditionary Logistics | Manufacturing Technology